Simply choose the country directory
you would like to advertise
your business within

Simply choose the country directory
you would like to advertise your business within

Subscription Options

By joining Yazoomer, you can provide your listing a significant audience reach offered by our unique visual directory. There are two easy options to choose from:

Free listing

The Free option allows you to upload your logo, six images and all your details on our directory.

Your listing will appear as part of the basic rotating adverts within your chosen category accessed from the business directory.

Premium listing

The Premium option incorporates everything mentioned in the free listing, plus the following features:

  • A premium spot rotating advert.
  • Two monthly posts on both our Twitter and Facebook channels.
  • A video channel link to display content on your listing page.

Just £5 per month

Why go Premium?

Premium listings on Yazoomer are similar to promoted posts on social media networks – they target larger numbers of consumers and help increase brand awareness and online visibility.

We currently have over 10,000 followers and can leverage this to promote your Premium listing.

The increased prominence of a paid subscription (rotating premium spot at the top of your categor y page) ensures that your listing is more likely to be found by visitors compared to a Free subscription.

Yazoomer also offers the opportunity to link your video channel to your listing to enhance the visitors experience further and instill greater trust with your company.

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